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Trifos International Certification (TRIC) is a Certification & Independent Surveyor services company that was founded in 2015.

TRIC is supported by professionals with extensive competency and expertise as a reliable Independent Surveyor.

Reliable Certification & Survey results are needed by several business sectors such as Banks, Insurance Companies, International Trade and other businesses directly or indirectly involved.

Our Service

Old oil tanker moored at harbor Lavrion, Attica, Greece

Scope of work for inspection and pre-shipment supervision of loading and unloading operations worldwide for the petroleum industry.
We offer the ability to perform the following services:

  • Survey for Loading and Discharging for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
  • Bunker Survey
  • Liquid Cargo Sampling

The scope of the inspection relates to the storage, delivery at each stage of transportation in quantities of various liquids including chemical products, organic and inorganic industrial chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and LNG

  • Liquid Cargo Sampling
  • Loading and Discharge for Chemicals and petrochemical
  • Loading and Discharge for LNG and LPG
  • Loading and Discharge for Palm Oil
  • On/Off Hire Condition of Vessel, Tug and Barge
  • Draft Survey
  • Port Captaincy
  • Towing and Lashing Inspection
  • Condition of or Damage to Vessels
  • Pre-Purchase Condition
  • P & I Entry
  • Tank Calibration
  • Cargo Hold Cleanliness
  • Tank Cleanliness
  • Tally & Condition
  • Container Inspection
  • Inspection for Cargo Quantity and it’s Condition during Stuffing into OR Unstuffing from its Container
  • Pre-Shipment or Pre-Loading Condition
  • Weightment and Measurement
  • Break bulk, Opening Seals / Unsealing
  • Condition of or Damage to Cargo
  • Cargo Sampling
  • Collateral Management
  • Quantity Determination
  • Quality Determination
  • Quantity, Sampling and Analysis
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Loading Unloading Survey

  • Quantity Determination
  • Quality Determination
  • Quantity, Sampling and Analysis
  • Quantity Determination
  • Quality Determination
  • Quantity, Sampling and Analysis



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